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Jiyugaoka Internal Medicine

We are specialists in gastroenterology and we provide an extensive array of tests, such as upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy. In order to maintain your health and lead to the early detection of cancer, we promise to provide endoscopy with less pain.

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Your health is our top priority.

Director Aki Aisaka

About us

This time, I had a chance to open an endoscopy clinic in Jiyugaoka.

Gastric cancer and colorectal cancer are diseases that account for the highest mortality rate, but they are also diseases that can be detected and treated early by regular endoscopy.

In particular, colorectal cancer ranks first in terms of mortality by cancer site among women in Japan, but the reception rate is currently low, probably due to shame in testing. We hope that providing examinations by female doctors will contribute to increasing the endoscopy rate for women.

As a gastroenterologist and endoscopy specialist, I will provide an environment where people can easily undergo endoscopy with less pain, and strive to help the health of as many people as possible.

Thank you.
Aki Aisaka, M.D.,

Inside the hospital

Medical department

  • Internal medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • Upper and Lower GI endoscopy

Consultation hours

endoscopy only
(End of reception16:30)

△:1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday only(until 13:00)

Closed day:Fridays, 2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Consultations may be available during examination hours, depending on the availability of the examination.

Examination costs(EGDS:esophagogastroduodenoscopy)

Contents of examination (treatment) 10% of the total cost covered by insurance 20% of the total cost covered by insurance30% of the total cost covered by insurance
EGDS Observation onlyApprox. 2,000yenApprox. 4,000yenApprox. 6,000yen
EGDS+Biopsy(pathological examination)Approx. 3,300yenApprox. 6,600yenApprox. 10,000yen
Initial examination (including blood sampling etc...) Approx. 700yenApprox. 1,400yenApprox. 2,000yen

Examination costs(CS:colonoscopy)

The cost of endoscopy varies depending on the type of drug used.
If sedatives (intravenous anaesthesia) are used, additional costs will be incurred.

Contents of examination (treatment) 10% of the total cost covered by insurance20% of the total cost covered by insurance30% of the total cost covered by insurance
CS Observation onlyApprox. 2,500yenApprox. 5,000yenApprox. 7,500yen
CS+Biopsy(pathological examination)Approx. 4,000yenApprox. 7,000yenApprox. 11,000yen
Colorectal polypectomy (1 site)Approx. 8,000yenApprox. 16,000yenApprox. 24,000yen
Colorectal polypectomy (2 sites)Approx. 9,000yenApprox. 18,000yenApprox. 27,000yen
Colorectal polyp excision (3 sites)Approx. 10,000yenApprox. 20,000yenApprox. 30,000yen

First-visit patients (New patients)

When you come to the clinic for the first time, please bring your health insurance card and ID card.